Web-site developer / Administrator - Администратор - Вакансия - Ярмарка вакансий.ру (Работа в Сумах)
Ярмарка вакансий.ру - доска объявлений о работе: вакансии и резюме из первых рук и от кадровых агентств. Работа в Сумах (другой город)

Новые объявления о работе в Сумах

Условия работы и компенсации We are looking to hire web-site administrator to ensure a smooth transfer and maintenance of a new web-site.

Start Date: ASAP

Description: V&A is looking for an independent Web Developer / Designer / Administrator to start working immediately. Applicant must have below-listed skills and abilities, act and respond to requests in a timely and professional manner.

Должностные обязанности Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):
• Server Upgrades and Maintenance;
• Security Audits;
• Content Maintenance;
• MySQL Database Administration;
• Applications Management;
• Modifications of CMS appearance and functionality;
• Troubleshooting;
• Researching issues and finding solutions per management requests;
• Design of themes and/or skins for the website;
• Backups.

Требования к Соискателю
Возраст Не имеет значения
Пол Не имеет значения
Образование Высшее
Язык Английский (Свободный)

Требования к квалификации • Proficiency in PHP, jQuery, CSS, MySQL;
• Proficiency in WordPress;
• Experience in Web-design;
• Strong time management skills with attention to detail;
• Ability to troubleshoot, research issues and find a resolution in a timely manner;
• Good communication skills;
• Good knowledge of written English;
• Quick and effective communication, responsiveness;
• Availability M-F 8AM-5PM EST (3:00 PM – 12:00 AM Kyiv time) is a must;
• Ability to work over weekend preferred.
Контакты: Semkiv Lyudmila Bogdanovna
Телефон +380 (68) 541-23-03
27/08/11 17:01:17 Профессия: Администратор